Organizations large and small, new and old, high tech and low key, city-centered and countrified, all have one thing in common: the need for quality professional cleaning, custodial and maintenance services that are timely, cost-effective, and completely reliable.

Acme Building Services has the answers to all professional cleaning, custodial and maintenance needs for institutions and commercial clients throughout the greater Boston region. Many organizations find that when all custodial and maintenance needs are consolidated with a single outsource vender, it proves to be the most time-effective and cost-efficient way to go about it. That’s why Acme is such a good choice. We can do it all. We can also do any portion of it you require, no matter how small or specific. We can even come aboard for one-time assignments.

Initially created to serve the needs of universities such as Harvard, with which we began a relationship in 1949, it has grown to include other colleges, institutional organizations, and various businesses throughout the greater Boston region. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology came aboard in 1973, Berklee College of Music in 1980. All are satisfied customers that appreciate our vast menu of services, well-trained and cross-trained workforce, and client-centered approach.

Our client roster has since grown to include several additional colleges and institutional organizations in the region, including the Lamont, Pusey and Widener Libraries at Harvard Yard, Langdell Library at the Harvard Law School, the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and many others.

Banks and campus residences are also part of the exclusive list of Acme clients.

We work side by side with client administrative personnel to make sure that all needs are being met, all contingencies have been carefully planned for, and all goals are being reached. That’s how we know that all the right jobs are getting done at the right time in the right place, with little or no client supervision. And certainly no client concern. We take every necessary measure to become familiar with the specific requirements and expectations of each contracted client. We are their maintenance eyes and ears.

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